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Benefits Of A Holiday In Luxury Villa With Private Pools

As travel restrictions ease, we’re all starting to think about our next holiday. And after a pretty intense year so far, the focus for many is on switching off, de-stressing, and really nurturing both the body and the mind. Most people are experiencing a desire to go back to normal life after the last challenging few months, but at the same time they are concerned for their well-being and that of those closest to them. For travellers seeking tranquillity, relaxation and time away from the rest of the world. Private beaches, devastatingly beautiful balcony views and a sense of pure, untainted calm, these are just a few of the highlights of spending your time in one of the exceptional luxury private villas.

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Reasons Why Renting A Villa Is A Perfect Luxury Holiday:

In this era of Covid -19 it is widely understood that a villa rental provides a sense of privacy and security that a hotel based vacation cannot offer. This is a perfect and entirely appropriate way to enjoy time with family and friends who have been isolating together. Arguably the most important aspect of a family holiday, a villa offers a level of isolation and tranquillity that enables you to spend quality time with your children. Yes, kids clubs can a life-saver when you want a few hours peace, but surely the point of a family holiday is to be able to switch off from the pressures and hecticness of everyday life and have a chance to reconnect with your children.

When you stay in a villa, you have the advantage of creating your own schedule instead of being restricted to check-in and check-out times, dining options and tourist packages. You are able to tailor your itinerary to suit you and your family, without the stresses of having to wake up on time to avoid missing out on breakfast. It also means you don’t have to rush down to the pool to get a sunbed as well as being able to explore the island at your own will and choose whatever food and drink experiences you want.

The feel and comfort of having your very own private space will give you the complete sensation of being completely at home in a place on the other side of the world. It is perfect for couples who are going with their kids and might want to maintain their ordinary schedules and routines or for individuals who desire a sense of ease in their environment. Also, private villas will, in general, feel like your very own vacation home, which is an extra special feature when planning extended stays in a tropical location or island far from home.

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Exceptional Meals:
The majority of private villas include a private chef, who will tailor each meal to your preferences and requests. In an exclusive package, you’ll have access to a variety of top-shelf liquors and fine wines, as well as tea, coffee, and snacks prepared by the executive chef. You will also be able to enjoy food prepared by the executive chef in an array of settings, ranging from luxurious to casual. To give you a memorable dining experience, all food and beverages are prepared and served according to your tastes and preferences.

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If you are looking for peace of mind while on holiday, staying in a villa can give you just that. Villas are generally secure and can remove the worry of being around strangers, particularly in an open complex hotel. This means you will be able to fully relax and enjoy the sun without having to stress.

Value For Money:
It is a misconception that renting a villa is pricey, but when you compare the price tag to that of a luxury hotel for the family, you will often find that it saves you money. If you are a large family, you will get much more value for your money when staying in a villa.

Creature Comforts:
Villas allow you to feel at home; to really settle in and relax. The spaciousness and privacy of your own villa will create a comfortable environment of tranquillity and if you are travelling with children, they will love the fact they are not confined to a hotel room. Plus, there’s nothing better than breakfast in your pyjamas, even when on holiday!

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Reasons to Book With Us:

Exclusivity Personified – Dedicated Luxury
Depending on your requirements, who is travelling and where you would like to stay, our experienced Travel Designers will assist in finding the ideal Private Villa for you. This style of vacation offers the ultimate exclusivity, perfect for travellers who value privacy. Experienced staff such as Butlers, Chefs, Housekeepers, and private tours can be arranged.

Pure Relaxation – Solely Focused On You
Staying at a Private Villa while on holidays allows you the incredible flexibility and attention exclusively centred on you. Explore your surroundings at your own pace with a private guide, be as busy or relaxed as you wish. Set your own schedule, and have your own private Chef cater to your preferred mealtimes.

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If you long for a truly relaxing and laid back holiday then choosing a villa as your accommodation is an excellent idea. At 7 Seas Holidays we have access to a substantial selection of the very best luxury villas in both Europe and more exotic locations further afield like the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, South Africa.

Luxury villa holidays are the perfect choice for groups and families, mainly due to the space they offer including several bedrooms and large eating areas; allowing everyone to come together and spend some quality time with each other on holiday. Let us help you book the ideal villa including, as required, a private pool, staffing, chef services, car hire, private transfers and all the tech you may or may not desire!

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