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An Island with Lots to Discover

Guyana is known for its British colonial architecture. The place is culturally connected with the Caribbean region. It is located on the North Atlantic coast of South America covered with rainforest.

They are several national parks, and wildlife reserves guard numerous animals including armadillos, ocelots, tapirs, monkeys and the magnificent cock of the rock. The place also gives an opportunity to possibly see South America’s Big Five: giant otter, the jaguar, giant anteater, black caiman and the harpy eagle.

Guyana is a blend of Amerindian and Caribbean influences, virgin rainforest and sprawling river systems with little infrastructure and thus expensive to travel around. After the abolition of slavery in the mid-1800s, the plantation owners imported labourers from India. Indians have the largest racial group, with most living in the agricultural areas.

Places to visit in Guyana

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