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Explore Bahamas – The Caribbean Island Paradise

Beautiful views, crystal clear turquoise waters, soft white sand, lovely afternoons and serene sunsets, and what’s more? It comes with a plethora of resorts all of it combining to make The Bahamas a popular destination for millions of tourists every year — especially cruisers.

When you visit The Bahamas, there are so many things to do. The country offers one of the most wonderful vacation experiences on the planet. It has everything from an island experience to glamorous casinos, fabulous restaurants, duty free shopping, world class golf courses, colorful carnivals, incredible scuba diving, snorkeling, waters sports, sport fishing, sailing, the world’s third largest barrier reef and a wonderful chance to swim with dolphins and pigs! It is one of the only places in the world where you can do the latter.

Not to mention, The Bahamas, is one of the best places in the world to enjoy (you’re going to love this one!) Kayaking. It is truly a paddlers paradise. The islands are filled with mangroves, shallow reefs, and offshore inlets that can be explored by small boats. The best spots for Kayaking are The Exumas, Grand Bahama, North Bimini and the mangrove wetlands of the Abacos. I am listing some of the famous Bahamas Islands below – Choose your next favorite spot now!

Great Abaco: The Abacos island chain is a boating, fishing and sailing paradise. Tourists from all over the world come here for more than just the sea: There are countless hotels, restaurants, and bars for travelers who prefer to explore by land.

Cat Island: With its pristine virgin beaches, the island is beautiful to see, yet little-visited enough that it remains relatively inexpensive and untainted. The island has a rich history of adventurers, slaves, buccaneers, farmers, and visionaries of many nationalities.

Did you know? Many local historians claim that Cat Island residents were the first to see Columbus. Some believe that the explorer had been welcomed here by the peaceful Arawaks.  

Crooked Island: Who doesn’t want to take a break? Located in the extreme southeast corner of the Bahamas this beautiful place is best to lay back & relax. It is the perfect getaway for travelers looking for a memorable fishing, snorkeling or diving vacation.

Inagua Islands: Inagua—pristine and largely uninhabited, the southernmost island in The Bahamas. A paradise for bird watchers and eco-tourists. The pink flamingo is the official bird of this glorious island. It is technically comprised of Great Inagua Island and Little Inagua Island. Both islands are popular spots for nature tourism.

Berry Islands: The Berry Islands is a cluster of 30 cays, southeast of Bimini, and is home to Chub Cay, Billfish capital of The Bahamas, often referred to as “The Fish Bowl of The Bahamas.”

The Exuma: Renowned for blissfully isolated beaches, The Exumas boast of world-class diving and serene resorts, best for diving, snorkeling, while leaving behind all the stress of the land above! 

Bimini: Located on the edge of the Gulf Stream, closer to Miami than Nassau, this tiny paradise is made up of North, South and East Bimini, as well as a few private islets. Sports fishing, diving and snorkeling are the top attractions.

Mayaguana: More isolated and less developed than any other island in The Bahamas, Mayaguana is the ideal getaway for travellers seeking a secluded escape. Whether it’s a footprint-free beach or a far-off fishing spot, the island is the perfect blend of solitude and charm.

Bahamian Cuisine – The Taste of Bahamas

One of the best ways to sample all the local dishes and learn some of the history and culture behind them is via a food tour. Tru Bahamian Food Tours is one of the most popular choices, offering a couple different food tours in Nassau. Their main tour lasts five hours and stops at 6 different eateries, providing ample opportunity to indulge your foodie dreams.

The Original Nassau, Bahamas Food Tour

Bites of Nassau – The original Bahamas food tour celebrates native, Caribbean and multinational influences on both food and culture. Guided small group experiences stop at six tasting locations- each carefully chosen to highlight the local delicacies that are unique to downtown Nassau. Enough for a hearty lunch, food and drinks served throughout are designed to introduce you to authentic island flavors like fresh seafood (conch dishes prepared 3 ways), traditional steamed chicken with peas and rice, an iconic rum cocktail and, of course, rum cake!

Some of the famous Bahamian Dishes are:

Souse: Start off your Bahamian meal with this unique soup, prepared from purely onions, water, lime juice, celery, peppers and meat.

Fish n Grits: Fish and grits are served in the morning with salt pork, green peppers, onions, and onions. This Bahamas food is also worth trying.

Fish Chowder: This food is usually made with grouper, tomatoes, dark rum and lime juice.

Conch Fritters, Conch Chowders, Conch Salad, Scorched Conch: These Bahamas specialties are prepared exquisitely and are local specialties. You’ll not want to leave without trying some of them.

Curried Mutton, Racoon Stew: Curried mutton refers to either goat or sheep; you may want to add these foods to your list.

Johhnycake: Bahamas Johnny cakes are sweet, and they are typically served as block shapes as well as slices as a side order.

Guava Duff: This food is a dessert speciality from the Bahamas made with sieved guava pulp and served with hard sauce that consists of rum, butter, sugar, vanilla, and confectioners’ sugar.

Nassau Royal: This is a local liqueur served alone or in coffee.

Kalik: This is the Bahamas national beer. You may also want to try other fruity, rum-based drinks such as the Goombay and the Bahama Mama.

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