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Travel Tips For Luxury Holidays

Given we’ve been cooped up for months, now’s the time to start thinking about that trip of a lifetime you’ve been dreaming about. As the world tentatively opens up, so do the chances of a seriously memorable getaway. An Island trip, where beaches feel all yours and hideaways provide a true sense of escape, can be truly special. Offering broad and creative ideas to curate the finer details of the journey, we believe truly unique and exclusive travel experiences can only be created by highly knowledgeable and professional people. 

Travel is all about experience.
It’s the people, places, local, and landscapes which inspire us everyday.

Here you’ll find hot tips, unique trips and the fantastic places to eat, play and stay that we have discovered in our travels. From the softest sandy beaches to the most beautiful sunsets, bluest waters and stunning scenery, location is a vital part of any luxury holiday. 

Luxury travel doesn’t have to be expensive – if you’re savvy, you can liberate luxury for less than you might expect to spend.

Below are quick luxury travel tips designed to help make your travels easier, more affordable and stylish. But most importantly turn you into a smart traveller.

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  • When dealing with a hotel, agent or villa owner directly, always ask for a discount. 
  • Be your own tour guide as far as affordable luxury travel goes, this is one of the best ways to make use of your budget and enrich your experience.
  • When booking accommodation be mindful of large events or conferences happening in the area during your stay. This is likely to increase accommodation costs as availability will be more limited.
  • Do not book too late as the top luxury hotels will often sell out months in advance. Do not count on a last-minute deal (which are not offered by most top hotels anyway).
  • Traveling out of season is one of our favorite ways to take a luxury break and save a few pennies.If you prefer less crowds and huge savings across the board this should be top of your list of priorities.
  • Always compare the price that you found on aggregator or member-only websites with the one featured on the official website to make sure that it is the best price indeed. Do not forget to click the “special offers” section that is present on most hotel websites (and which can save you lots of money).
  • Make use of discount coupons that you can find anywhere on the internet .
  • Sign-up for the newsletters of your booking website. They often email coupons or advanced notifications when they’re having a sale.
  • When visiting a new destination make a list of your must see attractions. It helps focus your mind as there is usually too much to do and see.
  • The destination is the key to a luxurious stay. No matter what type of tourism you prefer, you can always find your ideal destination and the perfect hotel for your stay. The most advisable thing is that you bet on a place full of nature, where disconnection and relaxation will be complete from the first moment. 
  • One of the best alternatives is to rely on going to a place that offers the all-inclusive service. With this system, any worry disappears, and you will only have to think to have fun, enjoy and rest.
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Browse all of our luxury holiday regions to find what you’re looking for. Be inspired by some of our most popular luxury travel destinations for an unforgettable holiday. With excellent service, and features such as scenic infinity pools, Michelin-starred restaurants and award-winning spas, explore our hand-picked collection for your next getaway. 

At 7 Seas Holidays, we know that luxury is personal. So, our travel specialists are here to listen to your holiday needs, tastes and preferences to tailor your perfect holiday. With first-hand knowledge and a collection of 5-star hotels, resorts and villas, allow us to inspire you.

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